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1. How many days in advance do I need to make arrangements for my auto transport?
It is our recommendation that you book your order at least 7 to 10 days in advance, however, if you need to move your car immediately, we will work with you on an individual basis to accommodate your needs. Scheduling your order in advance is helpful, however, it is not mandatory.

2. How long does it take to have my vehicle picked up and delivered to the final destination?
The location of the vehicle and the final destination, determines the estimated pick up and delivery times. Because distance, origin and destination are important factors when determining an approximate time frame, when we provide you with a price quotation, we can then provide you with an estimated time frame needed for pick up and delivery.

3. Is my vehicle insured during shipment?
Yes, your car is insured for a transport damage.  By law, carriers have to carry a minimum of $1,000,000 worth of liability insurance as well as cargo coverage.  Cargo insurance coverage is not required by law, however, Transcar requires all of it’s Carrier’s to have a minimum Cargo Insurance coverage of $100,000 to $1,000,000, depending on the type of Carrier.

Your vehicle is insured from the time it is picked up until the time it is delivered, by cargo liability insurance, in the unlikely event of a transport damage. Cargo liability insurance, however, does not cover Acts of God, such as hail, tornados, hurricanes, etc., and therefore it is recommended that you maintain coverage on your vehicle that would cover damage occurring due to an Act of God.

4. Can I ship personal items in my vehicle?
Auto carriers are not licensed to carry household goods or personal items, therefore it is not recommended to leave items of that nature in your vehicle. Factory issued equipment and aftermarket items permanently installed are allowed to be left with the vehicle and will be noted accordingly on the truck bill of lading. If you do leave items in the trunk of your vehicle such as pillows, blankets, etc., the cargo insurance liability or driver will not accept any liability in case of loss or damage. Therefore, it is not recommended to leave anything in your vehicle other than standard factory issued equipment and accessories.

5. Will my vehicle be transported in an open or enclosed carrier?
In most circumstances, your car will be transported on a 8 to 10 car carrier, which is the same type of carrier used for delivering manufacturer's new cars. Enclosed carriers are also utilized, particularly for high cost luxury vehicles, however enclosed carriers do demand a higher transport rate.

6. Will you pick up and deliver my vehicle door to door?
We make every effort possible to provide you with a door to door transport service, however, in some circumstances where your vehicle may be located or needing delivery in a residential area that may not allow commercial trucks, either due to weight and size constraints, low hanging trees, or low bridges, we will ask that you coordinate arrangements with the driver to arrange pick up and / or delivery at a nearby parking lot or area convenient to you, that is accessible by the transporter, which is safe for the loading or unloading of your vehicle.

7. Can you arrange a terminal service?
We have a network of terminal services throughout the U.S.  Terminal drop off and/or pick up can always be arranged, however, there will be a terminal service fee.

8. Can you transport my vehicle if it is not in a running / operational condition?
A non operational vehicle can be transported, however, a non operational fee will apply. In order to provide you with a correct rate, we will need to know the true condition of the vehicle. For example, it is important that a non op vehicle rolls forward and in reverse, steers and brakes. Vehicles that do not meet this criteria can still be moved, however, may require special equipment for loading and unloading.

9. What is the cost?
Prices for vehicle shipping are route-based, which means your quote will take into consideration not only the distance to travel, but also road conditions, toll roads, the time of year, the weather and also where that end destination / delivery point actually is.

We can match any price you find, however, in doing so, you may have to wait quite some time for a pick up.   

Because of our many years of experience, we do know the average cost in order to transport your vehicle in a timely manner.  You should be aware of companies that quote cheap prices and require a non refundable deposit!  Please remember, that TRANSCAR WILL NOT take a deposit or any other form of payment from you, until we have assigned your vehicle to a truck for transportation.
Companies that quote cheap prices DO NOT CARE if your vehicle moves or not.  They reel you in by quoting a cheap price, knowing perfectly well, that it will either take more money to move OR that it will take several weeks if not months to move.
We do understand the attraction of a cheap quote and if you are in no hurry for the transport and are looking to move your vehicle cheaply, we will submit your order as we do all orders to many trucking companies and wait for a driver to schedule your pick up.  If there is space available on a truck that a driver cannot fill at the regular rate, he or she will accept cargo at a cheaper rate.

10. What forms of payment are accepted?
A deposit will ONLY become due, once we have scheduled your vehicle for pick up and delivery. In other words, we will only ask for payment when your vehicle has been assigned to a truck for pick up.  Full payment can be made upon your request.

Transcar provides reasonably priced auto transport that is safe, reliable, and on-time. For deposit or full payment, we accept VISA, Master Card, electronic transfer, cashiers checks, and money orders. Company checks will be accepted from dealers and major corporations. For COD balances due, the carrier will only accept cash, cashier’s check, postal money order or official bank check.
  • No cost cancellation, no hidden fees!
  • All Carrier’s are fully insured and bonded
  • Outstanding service from a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB)  
  • Call us toll free at 972-602-1670 or toll free 1-800-264-8167
11. If I cancel my order, will I receive a refund?
As mentioned earlier, you WILL NOT be required to pay a deposit or for the transportation until we have scheduled your vehicle for pick up.   If an emergency arises where you would need to cancel after your vehicle has been scheduled for pick up, as long as a truck has not been assigned to your vehicle and it is not in route to you, there will not be a cancellation fee.  A small cancellation fee as outlined within our terms and conditions will apply if a truck has been assigned to pick up your vehicle and is in route.

12. What does happen when I ship my car?
When you ship your car with us, you have given us a date that your car will be available for shipping. Our dispatchers will then work to assign your automobile to the first available truck that can pick it up after it is ready for shipment. Our customer service department will then advise both the pickup and delivery points of contact that you have provided to us, with the estimated pick up and delivery dates. Our driver will then contact you or your appointed representatives at origin and destination, to further advise his estimated time of arrival at your location and also to coordinate a safe and legal loading or unloading location at or near your residence. At the time of pick up, the driver will complete a joint inspection of your auto and also at time of delivery. This is done in order to assure that your car has arrived safely and without transport damages. A copy of this inspection will be provided at time of pick up and at time of final delivery.

13. Will my vehicle be driven?
No your vehicle will NOT be driven other than for loading onto the transporter truck and off loading from the transporter.  The odometer readings should be noted at pickup and delivery of the vehicle. Any discrepancies will be noted and signed off by the driver on the delivery receipt.

14. How do I prepare my car for pickup?
Any loose parts or specialty items such as spoilers, fog lights, or mirrors should be removed or secured properly for  transport. Antennas should be removed or retracted. There should be an adequate supply of antifreeze in the radiator. The gasoline tank should have no more than one quarter. More gasoline in the tank only adds weight for transport. Make sure the battery is secure, with no leaks and fluid levels low enough to allow for expansion during transit. Any tears in convertible tops should be sealed or repaired to avoid further damage by air during transit.  Tearing of convertible tops by wind will not be covered by cargo insurance.  Alarm devices should be deactivated. Lastly, make sure that the vehicle is clean enough to allow accurate inspection at pickup.

15. Do I have to be present when you pickup and/or deliver my vehicle?
You or your designated representative must be present to sign the release form upon pickup, and to accept the vehicle upon delivery.

16. What should I do in case I have a transport damage claim?
In the unlikely event that a transport damage occurs, please be sure to note this on the Bill of Lading / Inspection Form at time of delivery and have the driver sign it. Then please follow our instructions for filing a claim, which are listed on our website and also outlined within our terms and conditions

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